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– More than 48.500 institutions participating to date
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Tooth rescue concept

Tooth accident

Tooth accidents are always bad, but there are solutions.


This little bottle is the ideal storage container for the tooth.


Your dentist is provided with a good basis for treatment.


Report tooth accident and receive a new TRB free of charge.

Tooth rescue box locations:

On this map, you will currently find more than 16.000 public tooth rescue box locations. You can easily search for them by entering the place name or you can find your own location via the icon on the map. Then you will be guided to the region in question. If you have a tooth rescue box immediately available and want to help, you can request registration on our map free of charge.


After a tooth accident you should see a dentist or dental clinic as soon as possible. On this map, you will therefore find suitable addresses. Simply change the group in the selection box above the map.




Currently, we are working with more than 48.500 institutions in 7 countries.


Tooth accidents

We have monitored more than 6.900 tooth accidents so far.



More than 16.000 tooth rescue box locations are registered online.


Project partner

Our project is supported by more than 550 partner organisations.

Tooth rescue box

When a tooth is knocked out, it is essential to preserve the sensitive cells of the root surface. Incorrect storage causes these important cells to die off quickly. The tooth rescue box (small vial) contains a special cell nutrient solution which keeps the cells vital for up to 48 hours.

About Dental Traumatology Projects

The company Dental Traumatology Projects is dedicated to the coordination of different projects aimed at the preservation of dental health with a particular focus on dental trauma.

Tooth rescue concept

Accidental injuries to teeth occur frequently. We observe fractured, loose, and even knocked out teeth. In most cases, the upper incisors are affected. The consequences can seriously affect facial aesthetics and thus even result in mental health problems. Treating the consequences of such injuries can be extremely complex, burdensome and costly.