Tooth rescue box

When a tooth is knocked out, it is essential to preserve the sensitive cells of the root surface. Incorrect storage causes these important cells to die off quickly. The tooth rescue box (small vial) contains a special cell nutrient solution which keeps the cells vital for up to 48 hours.

This is the primary aim of the tooth rescue box and thus the perfect basis for a potential re-implant and for permanent healing. Fractured teeth can also be stored in the box. A tooth rescue box can be stored up to three years from the date of production.
Storage temperature is between 4°C and max. 25°C.

New tooth rescue box after a tooth accident

The institutions supplied in the frame of our tooth rescue concept under scientific monitoring will receive a new tooth rescue box free of charge within 72 hours..

We will need the following information:  
1. Full address including the name of a contact person 
2. Date of the accident 
3. Type of dental trauma (knocked out, fractured or other injury)

Simply contact us by e-mail to info (at) or use our contact form.

Entry in the list of tooth rescue box locations

In the frame of this long-term project we also supply a list of tooth rescue box locations. Our aim is to make the tooth rescue box immediately avaible after a tooth accident in as many situations as possible. An entry in the list of tooth rescue box locations is free of charge and is intended to help everybody around the country in case of a tooth accident, wherever they may be, to find the nearest tooth rescue box as quickly as possible, to store the damaged tooth easily and thus to provide optimum conditions for dental first aid. Do you have a tooth rescue box available on site and want to be added free of charge to our list of tooth rescue box locations? Please send us an e-mail with the subject line: “Please add to the list of tooth rescue box locations” to info (at); we will be in touch with you shortly.