What needs to be done after a tooth accident?

  1. Act quickly; look for tooth / piece of tooth immediately.
  2. Do not touch the knocked out tooth at the root; only touch the crown.
  3. Do not clean or disinfect.
  4. Place tooth in a tooth rescue box immediately.
  5. If there is heavy bleeding, press a gauze or a clean, lint-free cloth (e. g., a handkerchief) onto the wound; cool externally.
  6. See a dentist / dental clinic as soon as possible.
  7. If there is no tooth rescue box to hand, the second-best solution is UHT milk*
    *(for 1-2 hours max.; as it results in poorer healing) and then transfer the tooth to a tooth rescue box as soon as possible.

    Information leaflet on dental injuries

and in other cases:

The tooth is loose / displaced
– Do not touch the tooth.
– See a dentist / dental clinic as soon as possible.

Only part of the tooth is still visible
– The tooth has shifted into the jaw..
– See a dentist / dental clinic as soon as possible.

The teeth no longer fit together correctly
– Either the jaw is dislocated or the upper or lower jawbone is fractured.
– See a dentist / dental clinic as soon as possible.

The teeth do not appear damaged
– See a dentist anyway
Even if there is no visible damage, the teeth can still be damaged to an extent which may result in serious complications in the long run. Claims against accident insurance companies or the person who caused the accident can only be made if the accident has been documented.

Where can I find a Tooth Rescue Box?

In many towns, tooth rescue boxes can be found almost everywhere.
It is often children who have tooth accidents, therefore, daycare facilities, schools, swimming pools, and sports facilities in particular are equipped with tooth tescue boxes.
The tooth rescue boxes are available round the clock at hospitals, hotels, petrol stations, restaurants, and similar places.

The nearest locations of Ttoth rescue boxes will be displayed if you scan the QR code on our print media with your smartphone. Please note: You will need a barcode scanner app for this purpose.